I departed from the Military in 2010, within 6 weeks adopted my puppy (lab/doberman pinscher mix) Dottie and spent the next 2 years training my dog, hiking, traveling, and going to festivals. In 2012 Wonderful Washington State passed initiative 502 legalizing the use of Recreational Marijuana and that’s when I started following the making of the industry.


Working as a RV Technician during the day I kept up to date with the making of the marijuana industry at night and in 2013 had everything lined up to apply for a license. Linked up with some high school friends to help find a location within the legal jurisdictions and on May 1, 2014 received the letter from the LCB our application was selected. Since then I have the pleasure of working with some of the best people the northwest has to offer. I couldn’t be happier with my co-workers, business partners and customers, thank you all for being a part of this journey.


I founded TreeHouse Club in December 2014 with my husband and son. This was my son's dream come true. “I’m so happy we are doing this as a family.”

Hometown: Born in Michigan, raised in Monterey, Ca. and have lived in Spokane for last 30 years.

Favorite things to do: Travel, camp, 4 wheel, do craft and building projects with my husband, play video games, gardening, play with my 2 beautiful grandsons.

Favorite Product in the store: Hendersons CBD Tincture: “I love it for aches and pains and it’s great for sleeping”



Favorite products that TreeHouse carries: Double D CBD caps, CBD tincture or a sativa/CBD mix.

Favorite things to do: Camping, 4 wheeling, traveling with Patti, woodworking and working on cars.

Favorite sports team: I have been a Chicago Bears fan my whole life.

Favorite band: ZZ Top, and song is “Viva Las Vegas”



Favorite Smoke: Granddaddy Purple, Blueberry, and Mendo Breath

Choice of Smoking Method: Flower and Cones prerolls

Favorite after work activity: Watching the evening news, then Jeopardy, cooking dinner, all while smoking a fat pre-roll.

Statement About yourself: Float Freely. Swim Deeply. Love completely!

Statement About yourself: Passionately been involved with the i502 industry since 2014. MMJ Advocate.  I feel extremely blessed and usually joke around that I feel like this industry was made “just for me.”


Favorite brand(s) that TreeHouse carries: FireHouse, Inflorescence, Ceres

Where you grew up: Born and raised in Spokane, WA

How you consume: Mostly gravity bong hits, but I consume in all forms.

Coolest thing about working in legal weed: Being a part of history in the making and learning endlessly about this amazing plant.



Favorite products that TreeHouse carries: Primus, Supermax OG, Gorilla Glue #4

Where you grew up: Post Falls Idaho.

What you enjoy outside of work: I enjoy being outside and venturing around all the beautiful mountains we have. Listening to music is a passion of mine and I love nothing more than watching a live show every chance I get.


Favorite brand(s) that TreeHouse carries: Bodhi High, Grower George, or Artizen

What you do outside of work: My time spent away is usually spent with the family I work with, or the family I don’t. I’m obsessed with spinning poi, and most enjoy flowing with fire. Music, of course, is my muse, and I rarely go a moment without it

How you consume: I’m typically a dabber, but still enjoy the daily bowl or joint. Specifically, some Golden Ticket.



Favorite Activity While Smoking: Listening to music

Dream Vacation: Marijuana friendly cruise

Dream Show: Ski Mask the Slump God

Favorite Smoke: Indicas and Indica/Hybrids

Choice of Smoking Method: Dabs from a rig

Favorite after work activity: Walks, hiking with music

Statement About yourself: Passionate about hip-hop and hip-hop culture, and I love new experiences!


Where you grew up: Spokane

Favorite brand(s) that TreeHouse carries: Northwest Finest

How you consume: Bowls and Joints

If you could be any animal, what would it be and why: A cat with wings. (So I could fly and be a cat)


Favorite Activity While Smoking: Art and Hammocking.

Dream Vacation: Backpacking in Norway

Choice of Smoking Method: Joints and Bong Rips

Future Goals: Eventually I would like to be an international teacher and live abroad.

Statement About yourself: I want to hang out with all the cute animals.


Favorite Activity While Smoking: Lifting weights or snowboarding. 

Dream Vacation: Heli Ski in Alaska

Favorite Smoke: G.M.O. Hash Rosin

Choice of Smoking Method: Bouy/Dabs

Favorite after work activity: Smoke and workout

Statement About yourself: Pot head through and through, but I am breaking the norm of a pot head. (Weed Beast of the West)